Oysterponds District Special Education Plan 2018-2020 

Policy 0110/0110R/0110E Sexual Harassment

Policy 0115R Regulation Student Harrassment_Bullying_Intervention

Policy 1100 Public Information Program

Policy 1130 News Media Relations

Policy 1230 Public Participation at Board Meetings 

Policy 1240R Visitors to School

Policy 1400 Public Complaints

Policy 1500/1500R Public Use of School Facilities

Policy 1530 Smoking and Other Tobacco Use

Policy 1800 Donations Gifts and Grants to District

Policy 1900/1900E Parent and Family Engagement 

Policy 2120 1 Candidates 

Policy 2120.2 Voting Procedures

Policy 2121 Board Member Qualifications

Policy 2140 Board Member Removal from Office

Policy 2330 Executive Sessions

Policy 2340 Notice of Meetings

Policy 3020E Organizational Chart

Policy 4311 Display of Flag

Policy 4321 Programs for Students with Disabilities  

Policy 4321.3 Allocation of Space for SE Programs

Policy 4321.8 Impartial Hearing Officer Appointment

Policy 4326 Program for English Language Learners 

Policy 4420 Class Size 

Policy 4526 Computer - Internet Use

Policy 5100 Attendance

Policy 5140 /5140E Entrance Age

Policy 5151/5151R Homeless Children

Policy 5152/5152E Admission of Non-Resident Students

Policy 5225 Personal Expression

Policy 5300 Code of Conduct 

Policy 5405 Wellness

Policy 5420/5420R Student Health Services

Policy 6240 Investments

Policy 6245/6245R Fund Balance 

Policy 6410 Authorized_Signatures 

Policy 6700 Purchasing

Policy 6800 Payroll Procedures 

Policy 8115 Pesticides and Pest

Policy 8130 School Safety Plans and Teams 

Policy 8410 Transportation

Policy 8635 Information Safety

Policy 9140.1 Non Instructional Grievance

Policy 9260 Conditional Appointment - Student Safety